Camille Chedda Fine Art

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Sketch for Exchange Value, Ink on plastic bags, bread crates, concrete blocks. 2015


Only 404, Installation at Alice Yard in Trinidad, Acrylic paint, printed plastic, twine, tarpaulin, plastic bags. 2015


Only 404 Placements, Sections of the installation were set up in public spaces around Charlotte Street and Independence Square in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Photos by Marlon James


Wholesale Degradables, 2014-2015, Acrylic paint on plastic bags


Built-In Obsolescence Series, Acrylic on Sandwich Bags, 6.25 x 5.5 inches 2011


Shelf Lives Series, Acrylic on Storage Bags, 11x12.5 inches,  2012


The Expired Series, Acrylic on Garbage Bag, 23x30 inches, 2012


Project Black Scandal Bag, Video Still, 2006

Untitled Installation, mixed media on sheets of plastic, 2007